Pressure switch (How to adjust upper and lower pressure)

The part with which you adjust the pressure of your compressor is called pressure switch.Pressure Switch By means of a bolt that is located in the spring mechanism in the pressure switch, it is possible to adjust the pressure. pressure switchs, which operate in a similar way to safety valves, can differ according to the manufacturer and model. These differences include; the valve being either single-phase or three-phase, existence of a start-stop button and differences in connection regions.

Operation of pressure switchs is related to the tension in the spring. This tension can be set by a cap screw, which means that upper pressure can be set. Pressure difference (ΔP) can be set by another bolt on the pressure switch.

By tightening the top bolt, pressure level can be increased. Similarly, pressure difference can be set using the respective bolt.

            How to make adjustment?

First, without using too much force, firmly tighten the bolt. During operation, when the compressor reaches the desired pressure (7 bars, for example) loosen the top bolt rapidly. Loosen the bolt until your compressor stops. Stop your compressor at 7 bars. Now upper pressure of your compressor is set to 7 bars. However, you do not know the lower pressurePressure Switch 2 at this point. For this, by opening your compressor’s valve, slowly discharge air and keep track of the attached manometer. The pressure at which your compressor starts to operate is the lower pressure set by the pressure switch. Let us say that the lower pressure is 4 bars. This indicates that your pressure difference (ΔP) is 3 bars. By either tightening or loosening the pressure difference bolt, you can adjust the pressure difference. You loosened the pressure difference bolt and set the pressure difference to 2 bars. This way, your compressor will stop at 7 bars and restart at 5 bars.

Besides, there are static switch models on the tool enabling more simple pressure adjustments on which the interim pressure and operation pressure values are written numerically. Bolts of these models are locked with a security shield and by removing the security shield the bolts can be adjusted to desire pressure level. It is also named as Pressurestat.

The section “Range” of the Pressurestat demonstrated in the picture below is the section where the upper pressure adjustment is made. The section “DIFF” displays the interim pressure value. For example if the upper pressure is adjusted to 8 bars and the interim pressure level is adjusted to 2 bars, your compressor will stop at 8 bars and will be re-operated when the level comes to 6 bars.

Please do not increase the factory pressure level of your compressor before asking the manufacturer company. Otherwise, as the pressure in the air tank will rise, you may increase the explosion risk of the air tank. Besides, the pressure level over the standards may cause break down of your compressor.

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