Inverter Air Compressors

These compressors are frequency-controlled air compressors. By means of this system, which is generally applied to the screw air compressors, you can achieve considerable amount of energy conservation in the long term.

The frequency control equipment, which is called as inverter and mounted on the electrical panel board of the compressor, controls the motor power and RPM according to the data received from the electronic sensors of the compressor.

For instance, a 75-KW screw air compressor has an air flow rate of approximately 12 m3/min. Considering the consumed amount of air as 6 m3/min, your compressor wil reduce the motor power and RPM in accordance with the pressure (typically 7 bars), which is continuously-adjusted by the invertor.

In summary, in as much as the air required by you, your compressor will supply your needs by consuming a relevant amount of electricity. Despite their advantages in long-term electricity consumption, these compressors have the main drawbacks of high cost due to the inverter units.

Running of a 75KW Inverter Air Compressor

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